FLATBASE has proved its worth as one of our long-lasting, excellent products. The essential quality in FLATBASE is – as can be expected – its extremely flat base. The form of the base can be square, classic oval or sphere, and it can easily be connected to legs of different sizes.

SELKA Flatbase Ovaali

FLATBASE is perfect for spaces where the furniture has to endure rougher usage, such as cruise ships, lobbies and restaurants. With FLATBASE, you can combine large tables – for instance, with diametres of 150 cm – and use the adjacent tables in conference rooms. 

FLATBASE is tailor-made according to customer needs in each individual project. The table can be specified to have any height, form or top size. 

With three different base forms, 12 sizes and 6 different legs, FLATBASE is our most multi-functional leg set: based on years of experience, we recomendd it for demanding spaces.

In the HIILI, FLATBASE and PEGGY product ranges there are over 150 colours available.