HOP – height-adjustable table base

The height-adjustable POP table base with a gas spring is a solution for the ergonomics in meeting rooms and learning environments. Height-adjustable group desks allows you to build a multi-purpose space that quickly adapts to different uses and user groups of different ages. With the help of adjustable POP table stands, you can furnish seating worktables in the space, and when you like to work in a standing or semi-sitting position, the table get up to a suitable height. The steplessly adjustable tables are also an excellent solution for multi-purpose spaces such as lobbies and staff restaurants. The stands come in different heights and it is possible to combine table tops of different sizes.

Height adjustment is easy with the lever under the cover. The design of the POP table stand is round and is available both with and without castors.



Base: extra low 46-67 cm, low 54 – 83 cm, medium 66 – 105 cm and high 70 – 114 cm. Don’t forget to add the thickness of the table top at the total height of the table.


Recommended cover sizes: Ø50, Ø60, Ø70, Ø80, Ø90, Ø100, Ø110, (Ø120 for low stand only).


Base plate: Ø40, Ø45, Ø50, Ø55, Ø60 cm with sliding pins or concealed rollers.



Base is powder-coated metal, color white, grey or black.


For further information please contact sales@selka.fi

HOP Adjustable base White downHOP Adjustable base White up

HOP Adjustable base Grey downHOP Adjustable base Grey up

HOP Adjustable base Black downHOP Adjustable base Black up

HOP With table top 70x70 cmHOP With table top 70x70 cm

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