PEGGY is an economical solution perfectly suited for restaurants, cafés and other similar needs. PEGGY is simple in the classical sense of the word: it features a top, base and a leg in the middle. You take these parts, fasten four screws, and voilà, you have a functioning table. 

SELKA Peggy - osakuva

PEGGY is an excellent product for a retailer. It has a set of colours, and after picking the right kinds of legs from the shelf, all you have to do is add four screws to the mix, and you have a finished product.

Modular in nature and easy to assemble, PEGGY is an excellent table base series for a variety of needs. Easy to storage, saves space and easy to move around.

Base sizes:

  • Sphere Ø 45, 50, 55, 60 cm.
  • Square 45X45, 50X50, 55X55, 60X60

Leg heights 700 mm ja 1 100 mm (don’t forget to add the thickness of the top)

Legs 60X60 mm and Ø 64 mm

The size of the top plate is based on the size of the base plate.

In the HIILI, FLATBASE and PEGGY product ranges there are over 150 colours available.