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PEGGY is an economical self-assembly table leg solution perfectly suited for restaurants, cafés and other similar needs. PEGGY is simple in the classical sense of the word: it features a top, base and a leg in the middle. You take these parts, fasten four screws, and voilà, you have a functioning disc base table. 

SELKA Peggy - osakuva

PEGGY is an excellent product for a retailer. It is assembled from parts, so it is easy to storage and transport.

Modular in nature and easy to assemble, PEGGY is an excellent table base series for a variety of needs. The PEGGY table base is suitable for both small and large table tops. There are several shapes of the bottom flange, the column is always round.


Leg heights: 50, 70 or 110 cm, or the height can be customized (don’t forget to add the thickness of the top).
Round base plate: Ø 45, 50, 55, 60 cm.
Square base plate: 45×45, 50×50, 55×55, 60×60 cm.
Round leg tube: Ø50,8, 63,5 or 76,1 mm.

The size of the top plate is based on the size of the table top.

Base is powder-coated metal, you can choose a color from over 150 RAL colors (project sales).


Peggy S



Peggy S 70 table basePeggy S 110 table base

Peggy S 70 laippajalusta valkoinenPeggy S 110 pöydänjalusta

Peggy S 70 70 tablePeggy S 110 60 white table

Peggy OS



Peggy OS pöydänjalustaPeggy OS Table base white


Peggy NS



 Peggy NS 70 Table base black Peggy NS 70 Table base white

Peggy NS 70 Table white

Peggy NSK



  PEGGY NSK Table base black Peggy NSK Table base white

Peggy NSQ



Peggy NSQ Table base blackPeggy NSQ Disc base white