Furniture design and manufacturing

SELKA provides interior designers and manufacturers of furniture with a ready-made service model. We help our customers design a furniture solution tailored specifically to their individual needs. We are quick, we deliver quality and we guarantee reliable delivery. The products are designed and manufactured in house at Selka’s factory in Finland.

Our product range typically includes tables and table bases, chairs and coat racks, which we tailor-make to our customers needs for cruise ships, hotels and restaurants, to name just a few examples. We take delight in mastering even the most challenging structures and forms quickly and reliably.

Furniture design service

If there is no suitable product in our wide furniture collection, we offer our customers a furniture design service. We go through the specifications and documentation of the product carefully together with the customer, and based on that, utilizing our experience, we fashion a brand new product. Flexible and speedy product development is at the core of our expertise. Selka kalustesuunnittelu

We wish to be a product development partner that provides actual service. When the customer presents a need, we find out how to fulfill it.


How we do things in practice

We manufacture products based on a customer’s idea, drawing or a 3D-model. After having discussed the project with the customer and familiarized ourselves with the specifications and documentation, we very quickly start producing work that you can see with your own eyes.

There will be no negotiations that drag on for weeks. We prefer using software on which the first drafts can be visualized in a very short period of time.

The solutions to specific questions will be discussed on a very concrete level. “Is this the kind of detail that you were describing?” “The desired solution needs this kind of technical execution or interface: does it look like it would be acceptable to the function you need?”

After the drafts have been approved, we start creating a prototype for which we order the necessary parts. We have employees with decades of hands-on experience, who can already at this stage ensure that the chosen solutions are applicable in practice. This way, we avoid unnecessary trial and error.

Our long experience with furniture manufacture and export also ensures that we have a holistic understanding of how to deliver the end product safe and sound to the end customer. We understand logistics, packing, storage and transportation in containers all over the world.

Alongside details we can also ask the right questions regarding the big picture.

What is the client’s vision of the product? Does the customer wish to manufacture ten pieces of furniture for a single project, or are they aiming to sell it at large volumes? There are various manufacturing models; we understand the business requirements and can make correct choices based on them.

We always prefer to start and nurture a longer co-operation with our customers.

When necessary, we are supported by an extensive and high-quality network of partners with whom we can master the most expansive projects.

How does the customer benefit from all this

We wish to remove all unnecessary stress and effort from the customer. We will deal with the details and guarantee an end result that meets the agreed-upon requirements, on schedule. The customer can concentrate on their own core business.

We can manage both small and large customers, as well as all kinds of orders and volumes.

Please contact us and ask us more!  

Subcontracting service

We subcontract both complete products and components for small and large companies. Subcontracting is an excellent risk management tool in fluctuating economic cycles, the costs of which can be easily monitored. When part of the work is done by a high-quality subcontractor outside of your core business, you can focus on your own strengths.  

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