Selka’s products are known for their durability. Decades of experience in manufacturing furniture for restaurants and cruise ships have given us extensive knowledge of the quality requirements for public spaces. Our primary raw materials are steel and aluminum, which can be recycled almost indefinitely.


“The only fault with SELKA tables is that they never break.”


Furniture parts made of metals are extremely long-lasting due to their durability. The lifecycle of the furniture is also extended by the fact that metal parts can be refurbished if their surface becomes worn or otherwise damaged. We always use metal strengths and surface treatments suitable for public spaces in our products.

The available materials can be found in the material information on each product’s page. On this page, you will find general information about materials and surface treatment options as well as RAL color charts.


Metals, surfaces and color charts

Metal furniture parts can be powder-coated or chromed. The most commonly used gloss level is glossy, which is easy to keep clean. There are approx. 150 shades from the RAL Classic color chart in stock. For painted consumer surfaces, such as the tabletops of coffee tables or the bottom flanges of tables, we recommend Fine texture matt texture paint. You can find the color charts in the links below.


RAL Classic color schat (glossy)

Fine texture color chart (matt, texture)


In addition, in places subject to special wear and tear, such as nightclubs and restaurants, we recommend Antiscratch paint for the table bases, which is available in black.



Among metallic materials, polished or brushed aluminum is also a durable option. This method can be used for table and chair bases with flange legs. Aluminum flanges (AlSi12Cu) are made from almost 100% recycled material and are both durable and light. Aluminum can also be painted.

SELKA alumiinilaipat

Special Materials

We also manufacture furniture for environments that require special materials, such as terraces for outdoor use and the decks of cruise ships. In such cases, we use materials suited to the climate, such as acid-resistant steel (AiSi316L) or hot-dip galvanized steel. Acid-resistant steel can be brushed (satin finish), polished, or powder-coated.

For more information on special materials and surface treatments, contact



The most commonly used tabletop materials are edge-banded laminate, solid laminate, or veneer-surfaced MDF. Small tabletops (max. diameter 70 cm) can also be made from aluminum, allowing the table to be color-matched with the base. For panel tops, we use materials that meet the public space standards of our partners, or the customer can combine our table base with a material suitable for their space. For more information, contact


Upholstery Fabrics

When choosing upholstery fabric, we consider the requirements of the intended use and only use fabrics that meet public space standards. You can choose fabric from our partners’ selections, such as Material Cabinet, Orient-Occident, Gabriel, Kvadrat, and Lauritzon, or alternatively, we can upholster the furniture with fabric supplied by the customer. We strive to manufacture our products so that their upholstery parts can be removed and refurbished later.


SELKA Materiaalit