High-quality Finnish design is our bread and butter

Whatever technology one uses, the manufacturing of metal furniture is still partly handcraft. The process may be industrial and the end products need to be uniform, but despite all the grinding robots there are a lot of stages that require handcraft. As the piece of furniture moves through the process to become a finished product, an impeccable end result also requires the seamless co-operation of human brains, eye and hand. A human touch, so to speak. 

In this handcraft one can see our decades of experience. How we reacted to what happened in the world in the spring of 2020, however, shows that we also have a genuine desire to help people in the new kinds of challenges that working life now presents us with.

You can read here how SELKA, a traditional  Finnish furniture manufacturer that had already been declared bankrupt, found a new lease on life.

With the dramatic increase of telecommuting and the continuing importance of working from home, people will benefit from investing in quality furniture which enable ergonomically ideal work positions. This frees us to concentrate on the actual work instead of struggling with makeshift home office furniture.

Our tables and other products represent high-quality Finnish design with timeless and elegant configurations. With their pure lines, sturdy structure and up to 150 different colours to choose from, we guarantee that you will not want to hide these pieces of furniture when somebody comes to visit.

SELKA tables are multi-functional – after the workday, you can use them as a worktable in the kitchen or a bedroom sidetable.