SELKA-design-prosessi - suunnittelu ja valmistus

SELKA: Who we are, what we do, and how we do it

24.9.2020 ‐ Frontgrid ‐ admin
SELKA provides manufacturers of furniture with a ready-made service model. We help our customers design a furniture solution tailored specifically to their individual needs. We are quick, we deliver quality and we guarantee reliable delivery. Our product range typically includes tables, chairs and coatracks, which we tailor-make to our customers needs for cruise ships, hotels […]
SELKA - suomalaista designia ja käsityötä

High-quality Finnish design is our bread and butter

11.9.2020 ‐ Frontgrid, Inspiration ‐ admin
Whatever technology one uses, the manufacturing of metal furniture is still partly handcraft. The process may be industrial and the end products need to be uniform, but despite all the grinding robots there are a lot of stages that require handcraft. As the piece of furniture moves through the process to become a finished product, […]


11.9.2020 ‐ Products ‐ admin
PEGGY is an economical solution perfectly suited for restaurants, cafés and other similar needs. PEGGY is simple in the classical sense of the word: it features a top, base and a leg in the middle. You take these parts, fasten four screws, and voilà, you have a functioning table.  PEGGY is an excellent product for […]
SELKA Flatbase Ovaali


11.9.2020 ‐ Products ‐ admin
FLATBASE has proved its worth as one of our long-lasting, excellent products. The essential quality in FLATBASE is – as can be expected – its extremely flat base. The form of the base can be square, classic oval or sphere, and it can easily be connected to legs of different sizes. FLATBASE is perfect for […]
SELKA Hiili X Chrome


11.9.2020 ‐ Products ‐ admin
Created by renowned designer Yuki Abe, the elegant HIILI (the word ‘hiili’ means ‘coal’ in Finnish) finds its place in any kind of space. The graceful HIILI is visually an example of beautiful and light design. It is available with wheels and height-adjustable mechanics. The height-adjustable HIILI is assembled with FLATBASE or PEGGY techniques. The […]
SELKA squares -naulakko


11.9.2020 ‐ Products ‐ admin
SQUARES is our new angular coat rack. It is very light and space efficient, perfect for smaller spaces. SQUARES is available in three different widths: 40, 60 and 80 cm. The height of the coat rack is 170 cm and the depth 40 cm.   SQUARES 4       400x400x1700                              8  hooks SQUARES 6       600x400x1700                              12 hooks SQUARES […]
SELKA SOPIVA - asiakkaanolohuone

Customer stories – SELKA users around the world

18.8.2020 ‐ Frontgrid ‐ admin
We have asked the first user of each country to send pictures and comments about their table. Here is a sample of the replies; please send us more! David, Belgium. Our first customer outside of Finland SOPIVA Oak, warm green “We are loving it! The design is both elegant and functional.”  Gerard, Netherlands. Which one […]