Customer stories – SELKA users around the world

We have asked the first user of each country to send pictures and comments about their table. Here is a sample of the replies; please send us more!

David, Belgium. Our first customer outside of Finland

SOPIVA Oak, warm green

“We are loving it! The design is both elegant and functional.”

 Gerard, Netherlands. Which one is more beautiful?

SOPIVA Oak, warm grey

“Im very happy with the new desk. The quality and the design is superb! Both the iron and oak wooden parts exceed in quality far above what I normally find.

The desk was very easy to assemble, just takes a few minutes.  Although the delivery was a bit slow due to the transport company, the communication and service with SELKA was very good. I understand SELKA will get another transport company to handle that for the future.

But other than that I rate this product with 5 starts! It’s worth waiting for!”

Friederike, Germany. A perfect match of laptop and and the table top.

SOPIVA Aluminium, warm green

“I really like the colour, it is exactly how I imagined it based on the photos on the website and the pictures you send me via the chat. The size of the table is perfect as our guest room / office (since Covid-19) is only 6m2 big. We especially need the room for when either me or my boyfriend are in conference calls so that the other one can continue to work without distraction in the living room and for that the table is perfect! The gas feather mechanism (or however this mechanism is called) works perfectly fine and the time of writing this, I am using the desk in stand up position and am really enjoying it.

I even think that after Corona, this table could serve as a  nice table next to the sofa or so with a nice vase or candle on it.

This was the first time I bought something on the internet that I have seen on Instagram and even though I first a bit skeptical, I am very happy that I trusted you and now have this beautiful desk.”

Jan-Philipp, Denmark. What a legendary “before and after” series.

SOPIVA Aluminium, warm green

“I just received my order. It is brilliant, I am absolutely happy with the quality, very sturdy build and it looks great.

Since I will have some more days working from home this is good timing, see before and after pics attached. Can you tell the difference ;-).”

Kai, Spain. Why not work outside if you have that view.

MAHTUVA L, black

Patricjus, Poland. Which one was first, the laptop or the table?

MAHTUVA S, black

“An extremely space saving, versatile and affordable solution for home,
whenever you need to use your laptop sitting or standing. Just in time, for our new reality. Absolutely love it!”

Sandor, Hungary. So SOPIVA to this beautiful house. (“Sopiva” means “suitable” or “suited” in Finnish.)

David, Austria. Such a nice place to work in front of the window.

“The table is very robust and heavy, that makes him very special and of higher value. I was also very surprised that the table gets higher without pushing it up, you only have to move the handle, that underlines the great quality! And also the support by Juha, the founder of the company, was very special and helpful. Thank you for this great product, I‘m very happy :)“

Darja, Latvia. 

SOPIVA Aluminium, warm green

“The table is exactly what we expected for our small apartment – easy to assemble, easy to move, stable, doesn’t need a lot of space and you can sit or stand.  The colour is the same I imagined and it is nice! Great, useful idea!”

Liliana, Switzerland


I am very happy with my MAHTUVA. It is very nicely done. It is not as big as the traditional standing desk but still big enough to fit my laptop, monitor and I still have some extra room available. Adjusting the high is very easy. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

More stories to come…