ROO Conference table leg with power outlets

new ROO

5.9.2023 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
conference table base with power outlets ROO is designed to support employee interaction. The innovative structure of the ROO table base conceals electrical wires and necessary cables for presentations. Power outlets and presentation cables are always within reach, while the tabletop is free from cables. ROO conference table bases are available in two different heights. […]
Selka Side seatings Collection


12.1.2023 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
sofa, bench, chair, stool, coffee table and shelf The SIDE product family offers a range of seating options for furnishing restaurant facilities, waiting rooms and office breakrooms. The SIDE sofa collection includes a narrow bench, a sofa, a well-structured chair and footstool. In addition, the SIDE product collection includes a coffee table and a shelf […]
Pico korkeussäädettävät sivupöydät


3.3.2022 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable sofa table   All the tables in the PICO collection are small and feature a slender table leg. You can create an interesting and practical meeting space by combining different models and colours available in the same table collection. These small PICO tables can also be used as side tables in lobbies and […]
Mio-laptop table


23.2.2022 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable laptop table   The lightweight, easily movable MIO side table is the perfect place for setting down your teacup, and it fits snugly next to any chair or sofa. The placement of table leg allows you to pull the table closer to yourself. This makes it perfect for working on your laptop or […]
Nera laptop table collection


22.2.2022 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height-adjustable laptop side table   NERA is a small, adjustable height desk designed for laptop work in offices or lobbies. It is perfect for convertible meeting rooms that require small desks that can be placed near the seating area. The height of the desk can be adjusted so that you can maintain a comfortable and […]
Zero laptop table collection


21.2.2022 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
laptop side table   ZERO height-adjustable laptop table is suitable as a small coffee table or side table next to a sofa, ottoman or armchair. With the ZERO tables, you can build a relaxed meeting room that combines work and efficient teamwork. The small side tables are designed so that the desk can be pulled […]
SIRO sidetable Collection


24.5.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
coffee and standing-height tables As the name implies, the SIRO (means “petite” in Finnish) table collection includes lightweight coffee and standing-height tables which make it comfortable to gather next to a coffee cup or hold an Ad-hock meeting. The base of the SIRO tables is circumferential and is available in three different height options. You […]
WireUp Sidetable Metallic Back


23.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
side table with hidden wire slot   WIREUP is a small side table for public spaces or home, next to a bed or sofa. The stand and table top of the WIREUP are designed so that the electrical cable can be carried up inside the column up to the top. This allows you to make […]
HOP Adjustable base collection


18.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height-adjustable table base   The height-adjustable HOP table base with a gas spring is a solution for the ergonomics in the meeting rooms and learning environments. Height-adjustable desks allows you to build a multi-purpose space that quickly adapts for the different uses and user groups. With the help of adjustable HOP table stands, you can […]
POP Collection


16.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable table base The height-adjustable POP table base with a gas spring is an ergonomic solution for meeting rooms and learning environments. Height-adjustable teamwork desks allows you to furnish a multi-purpose space that adapts to different uses and user groups. With the same furniture, the room can be built with adjustable POP table bases, […]
ROL Height adjustable table base with wheels


5.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable table base   The height-adjustable ROL table base with a gas spring is a solution for the ergonomics of office meeting rooms and learning environments. Height-adjustable group desks allows you to build a multi-purpose space that quickly transforms into different uses and user groups of different ages. Gas spring-adjustable tables are a functional […]
SOPIVA Height Adjutable tables Collection


4.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable gas spring desk   SOPIVA desks are multi-purpose desks for various spaces such as remote offices, meeting rooms and schools due to their small size and height adjustment. With the SOPIVA gas spring desk, you can easily change working positions from sitting to standing during the workday. The height of the table can […]
SOPIVA TILT Height adjustable folding tables


4.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height-adjustable folding table   SOPIVA desks are multi-purpose desks for spaces where easily movable and height-adjustable desks are required due to their small size. In SOPIVA TILT version the table top can be folded to the three different angles, making it easier to write on it or it can be used as a tablet or […]
SULAVA M Height adjustable table Black RAL5021 RAL5008


3.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable table   SULAVA is a beautiful, round-lined height adjustable desk without looking like a desk. The table top and base plate of the multi-purpose SULAVA table are rounded and do not take unnecessary space. The beautiful SULAVA table can be used as a desk or it enables spontaneous ad hoc meetings in offices. […]
Sit Stand Small Office Desk Black


3.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable desk   SIT STAND is a height-adjustable desk which is ideal for remote work or office use. With this small desk, you can easily change working positions from sitting to standing during the workday. The height of the table is operated by gas spring, so there is no need any power cords! The […]
MAHTUVA Collection 2021


3.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
height adjustable desk MAHTUVA height adjustable desks are ideal for home offices and working environments where is no space for a large tables. With this gas spring desk, you can easily change working positions from sitting to standing during the workday. A gas spring standing desk is a good alternative to an electric table, as […]
Electro sähköpöytä


3.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
electric standing desk ELECTRO is a small electric standing desk which is ideal when you like to work in varying working positions at your office or home office. You can easily adjust the working height by using the control panel. The height can also conveniently adjusted with a Desk Control application. With the application, you can improve […]
FLIP Folding table with castors stacked side by side


3.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
  Selka’s MULTI-SPACE TABLES collection offers a wide range of individual and team desks for multi-purpose spaces. The table model can be customised according to the use, and the dimensions and color options are almost limitless! The table bases can be made with castors and the table tops can be folded, so the tables are […]
Terde ravintolapöydät


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
outdoor terrace table with cast iron base The tables in the TERDE Outdoor table family are designed to withstand heavy use in restaurants and on the terraces of the cafés. The surface of the solid laminate covers is easy to keep clean and the stable cast iron base is weatherproof. The TERDE restaurant table collection […]
HIILI coffee table


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
coffee table   The latest model in the HIILI product family, designed by furniture designer Yuki Abe in 2021, is the HIILI coffee table for public spaces. The HIILI coffee table is a beautiful, round table with a rounded edge that is comfortable to gather around. Visually, the straight-line HIILI represents a pretty and light […]
HIILI Collection


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
table base Created by furniture designer of the year 2021 Yuki Abe, the elegant HIILI (the word ‘hiili’ means ‘coal’ in Finnish) finds its place in any kind of space. The graceful HIILI is visually an example of beautiful and light design. It is available with wheels and height-adjustable mechanics. The multi-functional product is easily […]
AX ristikkojalusta 70cm


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
cross table base   AX is a cross table base that can be combined with tabletops of different sizes. Cross bases are particularly suitable for restaurant tables, as the environment around the bases is easy to keep clean, and the table has a lightweight appearance. The Flip folding mechanism is available for tabletops with a diameter of 60-90 […]


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
table base   PEGGY is an economical self-assembly table leg solution perfectly suited for restaurants, cafés and other similar needs. PEGGY is simple in the classical sense of the word: it features a top, base and a leg in the middle. You take these parts, fasten four screws, and voilà, you have a functioning disc […]
Flatbase table base collection


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
table base   FLATBASE has proved its worth as one of our long-lasting, excellent products. The essential quality in FLATBASE is – as can be expected – its flat base and very sturdy construction even for large tabletops. The leg tubes are available in 6 different thicknesses, and special heights can be made easily. The […]
TRUMPET table base Collection


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
aluminium table bases     TRUMPET bases have a classic curved form, suitable for both dining tables and chairs. The base is lightweight yet firm and sturdy and, as the name implies, is in the shape of a trumpet. The underside of the base is fitted with glides. Compared with TROMBONE, TRUMPET is curvier and […]
TROMBONE Pöydänjalusta kokoelma


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
table bases   The TROMBONE bases all feature classic, rounded shapes. These bases can be used in both dining and bar tables. The slightly rounded aluminium base is light yet sturdy. The TROMBONE collection features bases of different sizes that can be used with a wide range of table tops, from very small (diameter 40 […]
Selka Frame collection picture


2.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
tables and table bases In the FRAME collection, you find a wide range of metal-framed, sturdy tables and table bases for various purposes. The design, size and color options of the table base are almost limitless. Our product development team is there for you to find the right model, all you need is to know […]
PIAZZA Green box with oak lid and grid Black


1.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
green box – divider   PIAZZA planter box is a versatile and stylish interior decoration element and space divider for offices, restaurants and other public places. Choose plants for a PIAZZA to create a refreshing green element indoors, or place the box outdoors on a covered terrace. PIAZZA planter box is watertight, with a drain […]
Flow 1 black


1.3.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
stackable chair The Flow chair, designed by Tapio Anttila, is a straightforward universal chair for a wide range of environments. The Flow chair’s seat and back are made of molded laminate or birch veneer. The sturdy steel base of the chair is a rectangular tube and the chair stacks efficiently. MATERIALS The seat and backrest […]
Moment 1 Chair Black


18.2.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
MOMENT universal chair MOMENT is a versatile chair collection for public spaces designed by Tapio Anttila. The MOMENT chair is light and stackable, and the backrest of the chair has a finger hole that makes it easier to lift. The chairs are available without upholstery, the seat upholstered or the seat and back upholstered, as […]


17.2.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
bar stool   The STEP bar stool is a classic in the Selka’s collection. Designed by Markku Pakkanen the STEP bar stool comes with a curved seat wich makes the chair easy to move. The chair is available with two different stand options and in several heights. With a four –leg base the stool is […]
TRIM BJ Bar Stool


8.2.2021 ‐ Products, Seating ‐ Laura Mustonen
Bar Stool   TRIM BJ is a bar stool designed by Tapio Anttila with middle high backrest. The stool is suitable for standing high tables both restaurants and homes. The TRIM BJ stool has a four-leg stand and two height options as a standard. The stool is easy to move by the handle at the […]
Classic bar chair with disc base


5.2.2021 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
bar stool with disc base   The Classic bar stool fits for a wide range of interiors and it is a stable chair that is perfect for heavy use in public spaces. The round seat of the chair is upholstered and the disc base can be equipped with a swivel mechanism. The Classic bar stool […]
Helga coat hook


16.3.2020 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
wall-mounted coat hook HELGA is a durable crown-shaped wall-mounted coat hook in spaces where a large coat rack is not feasible. By grouping multiple HELGA clothes hooks together, you can create an interesting arrangement in hallway, or place hooks near tables in a restaurant for hanging jackets. The coat hook features three sturdy hooks and […]
Entry coat track with bench


15.3.2020 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
coat rack with a bench ENTRY is a beautiful coat rack with a seat for public spaces and homes. The coat rack designed by Mikko Laakkonen has a light metal structure and a finished solid oak seat. ENTRY works perfectly in tight hallways and acts as a bench in addition to storing jackets. The metal […]
ROGUE Collection


19.2.2020 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
coat rack   The lightweight ROGUE coat rack is round in shape and is suitable for a wide range of spaces and interiors. There are two different sizes of ROGUE racks for different  storage needs. In addition to the frame of the sturdy metal hanger, the hooks are also made of metal and designed so […]
SELKA squares -naulakko


18.2.2020 ‐ Products ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
coat rack   SQUARES is  angular coat rack for public spaces. It is very stable and space efficient, perfect for smaller spaces. SQUARES is available in three different widths: 40, 60 and 80 cm. The height of the coat rack is 170 cm and the depth 40 cm.   SQUARES 4       40 x 40 x 170 […]
Coat rack collection


1.1.2020 ‐ Products ‐ Laura Mustonen
coat rack   The CROWN is a classic free standing coat rack model. The crown-shaped, rotating hanger ring has 12 durable jacket hooks. An umbrella ring is also available for the model. DIMENSIONS Height 183 cm. The top of the coat rack is Ø43 cm. MATERIALS Powder coated or chromed steel. Various plates are available. […]