Selka’s MULTI-SPACE TABLES collection offers a wide range of individual and team desks for multi-purpose spaces. The table model can be customised according to the use, and the dimensions and color options are almost limitless! The table bases can be made with castors and the table tops can be folded, so the tables are easy to move and can be stored side by side. Such multi-purpose tables can be used to furnish meeting spaces in offices as well as, for example, shared spaces in multi-purpose buildings, where the purpose of the space and the user groups change during the day.

If you need help designing a table model, Selka’s expert furniture design team is there to help you.


RAKETTI 1 Table base with castors



RAKETTI 2 Folding table base




FLIP Folding table with castorsFLIP Folding table with castors stacked side by side

FLIP Folding table with castors1000x700 FLIP Folding table


60-70 STUDY Table60x70 STUDY Height adjustable60-70 STUDY Table with castors


80x80 STUDY Triangle table with castors140x70x70 STUDY Shaped table with castors

140x70x70 STUDY Shaped table with castors above

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