height-adjustable laptop side table


Nera heigh adjustable side table with armchair

NERA is a small, adjustable height desk designed for laptop work in offices or lobbies. It is perfect for convertible meeting rooms that require small desks that can be placed near the seating area. The height of the desk can be adjusted so that you can maintain a comfortable and ergonomic position even with chairs or sofas of different sitting heights. The desk, which is made of metal, is available in over 150 color options to suit every interiors!


Table top: 50×35 cm (ask for other sizes).

Base: height adjustable 50 – 80 cm or 55 – 90 cm. Fixed height can be specified.

Powder-coated metal color white RAL9003, black RAL9005 or choose a color from over 150 RAL colors (project sales).


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