height adjustable sofa table


Pico korkeussäädettävä pieni apupöytä

All the tables in the PICO collection are small and feature a slender table leg. You can create an interesting and practical meeting space by combining different models and colours available in the same table collection. These small PICO tables can also be used as side tables in lobbies and hallways. There are two different tabletop shapes to choose from, and the base is available as height adjustable or fixed. The small height-adjustable table with rounded shapes makes for a great coffee or side table next to a sofa or an ottoman. The height can be adjusted by raising or pressing the tabletop.

Designer: Tuukka Nokkala.


Table top: Ø42 cm, Ø50 cm, 36×44 (rounded) or Ø40×50 cm (rounded).

Base: fixed 62 cm or height-adjustable 48 – 73 cm. The height can be adjusted by raising or lowering the tabletop.




Powder coated metal. The fixed version can be painted in the desired RAL colour. The standard colours for the height-adjustable base are white RAL9003 and black RAL9005.

Special colours and laminate table tops are available at request (minimum order 20 pcs).


For furher information (3D -files etc.), please fill out the contact form:

PICO Round sidetable WhitePico Height adjustable sidetable White

Pico Round sidetable BlackPico Height adjustable sidetable Black

Pico+ Height adjustable sidetable BlackwhitePico+ Height adjustable sidetable Black



Pico Square sidetable WhitePico Height adjustable Square sidetable White

Pico Square sidetable BlackPico Height adjustable Square sidetable Black

Pico SQ+ Height adjustable sidetable BlackwhitePico SQ+ Height adjustable sidetable Black