height adjustable laptop table


Mio laptop table with Side sofa

The lightweight, easily movable MIO side table is the perfect place for setting down your teacup, and it fits snugly next to any chair or sofa. The placement of table leg allows you to pull the table closer to yourself. This makes it perfect for working on your laptop or setting aside whatever you may be currently holding in your hand. The height of the table can be adjusted. This does not require a separate lever mechanism, but can instead be done by simply lifting the table top up or pressing it down. The small, height-adjustable MIO table features a slightly slanted table top.

Designer: Tuukka Nokkala.


Table top: 55 × 35 cm (slanted).

Stand: fixed 62 cm or adjustable height 48–73 cm. The height of the table can be adjusted by lifting up or pressing down on the table top.


Powder coated metal. The fixed version can be painted in the desired RAL colour. The standard colours for the height-adjustable base are white RAL9003 and black RAL9005. Special colours are available at request (minimum order 20 pcs).


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MIO Korkeussäädettävä laptop pöytäMIO korkeussäädettävä laptop pöytä musta

MIO laptop desk fixed White RAL9003MIO laptop desk fixed Black RAL9005