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SULAVA is a beautiful, round-lined height adjustable desk without looking like a desk. The table top and base plate of the multi-purpose SULAVA table are rounded and do not take unnecessary space. The beautiful SULAVA table can be used as a desk or it enables spontaneous ad hoc meetings in offices. The height adjustable SULAVA gas spring desk can be also use as a convenient presenter table in conference rooms and learning environments.

The height adjustable SULAVA table was designed by Jonas Hakaniemi. The starting point of the design was to create a small and beautiful height-adjustable table for public spaces. The stand of the table has been emphasized with new types of front panels and with the colorful panels the table can be customized to suit for the interior. If necessary, the wires can also be hidden behind them. The height of the table can be adjusted by the handle under the table top.
Sulava table Collection


The table is available also without the front panels.


Table top: oval S 70 or M 80 cm.

Base: height adjustable with gas spring 71-115 cm.




Base is powder-coated metal, color white RAL9003 or black RAL9005.

Front panels are powder-coated metal, more than 150 RAL colors available.

Table top is laminate, white or black.


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SULAVA M Height adjustable table White RAL5021 RAL5008SULAVA M Height adjustable table White RAL1013 RAL1001

SULAVA M Height adjustable table White RAL 6021 RAL6005SULAVA M Height adjustable table Black RAL5021 RAL5008

SULAVA M Height adjustable table Black RAL1013 RAL1001SULAVA M Height adjustable table Black RAL 6021 RAL6005

Sulava M Height adjustable table WhiteSulava M Height adjustable table Black