Leverage from the EU

9.5.2022 ‐ Uncategorized ‐ Laura Mustonen
Selka 2.1 The Positive Cycle During the Covid-19 pandemia Selka managed to find a new product and market, which helped us to start a positive cycle. Now in this program we are looking to strengthen the cycle and grow the company. The program includes new product development, investment in automation and new machinery, which is […]
Selka furniture collection table bases

Mallisto 2024

3.5.2022 ‐ Uncategorized ‐ Laura Mustonen
Olemme koonneet vakiomallistomme yhdelle esitteelle. Lataa esite täältä.   Vakiomallistomme lisäksi valmistamme myös projekteihin räätälöityjä mittatilauskalusteita, kuten pöydänjalustoja, sohvia, naulakoita, tuoleja sekä erilaisia hyllyrakenteita ja metallisia huonekalukomponentteja. Kysythän apua projektiisi metallikalusteasiantuntijoiltamme: sales@selka.fi.

A Corona Miracle

22.9.2020 ‐ Uncategorized ‐ Petteri Ruotsalainen
How SELKA made its business turnaround amidst the worst pandemic times, from bankruptcy to rapid growth. SELKA factory, Nastola, Suomi It has only been 10 months since the business was bought over. It was chilly and tense when the owner company of Selka was declared bankrupt last August. The factory in Nastola, near Lahti, had […]
SELKA SOPIVA - asiakkaanolohuone

Customer stories – SELKA users around the world

18.8.2020 ‐ Uncategorized ‐ Lähimedian Admin-tunnus
We have asked the first user of each country to send pictures and comments about their table. Here is a sample of the replies; please send us more! David, Belgium. Our first customer outside of Finland SOPIVA Oak, warm green “We are loving it! The design is both elegant and functional.”  Gerard, Netherlands. Which one […]